Monday, April 22, 2019

Saxons...FootSore and Crusader Miniatures

        Semi large project of a commission project of mainly Saxons with some Sub Roman
figures mixed in. I will be posting a group of the cavalry later.....there are also a group
of archers, slingers, and peasant infantry....but I have chosen to post the heavier Saxon
infantry along with the character type figures including one of Merlin. All the character
figures are from Footsore and very nice miniatures....they do stand a head taller than the
Crusader line and have included comparison pics. However; the crusader line of dark
age figures are also a quite pleasant bunch. Side note all shields hand painted which
I prefer to do on dark age figures.

these miniatures are all Footsore including one of Merlin

comparison pic of size with Crusader in between of the Footsore

another comparison pic with Crusader in between of the Footsore


Mike B said...

The great thing about these miniatures is that you can use them for so many periods! Inspirational!

Oregon painter said...

Mike-you are correct many dark age miniatures can be used interchangeably
for whatever nationality/heritage you may wish for.