Sunday, January 3, 2016

The next set of miniatures are also foundry and are to represent the knight class of the Mughal cavalry. His only request was the brown horses and one black horse to represent the leader which i switched out with an A&A mount for even more distinction. As for uniform distinctions i went with pastel colors and kept them bright. My pastel colors were: yellow highlighted to cream, light grey blue, orangish red, mauve, yellowish green, and linen white. Basically each figure had their own chosen pastel color for their tunic which overfits a mail coat. I then extended the pastel color to uniform up the saddle cloth and lance color. The rest of the miniatures i used artistic license on trouser color, shield colors, reins etc... i really liked how these figures turned out and can see the attraction of a Mughal army. My photo taking skills still lag a little bit and need some work as sometimes either too much light exaggerates the contrast and not enough hides the contrast hopefully as i post more photos i will find the happy medium that reflects how the miniatures look like in normal lighting

the miniature mounted on the black horse is a foundry miniature mounted on an A&A horse


Phil said...

Splendid colors and great details!

Oregon painter said...

Thank you Phil. Fortunately, the individual whom I painted them for
felt the same as I went with what felt natural after a quick read on the appearance of the Mughal armies.