Sunday, July 25, 2021



   A unit of mounted Goths I painted up for myself. These are a mix of Footsore and Gripping Beast miniatures which mix fine....the figures are nice but definitely on the large side. I found they fit quite tightly on a 60mm wide base with a 60mm depth. I must say I do prefer the truer 25mm figures...they still had superior size to 15mm and had space to spare for those who enjoy large collections and want more figures mounted onto one base. The larger figures do include more detail....which though is nice on individual figures....for those who prefer armies like myself do not find figures in mass is the look I am after not the individual detail of individual figures. My paint style is developed for decent figures individually...not award winning...but to give an impressive look for the in mass appearance. They look good unless one wants to individually critic them....any way be that as it are the pics


Phil C said...

lovely looking Goths u have here!

Oregon painter said...

Thanks…was pleased how they came out… and the advantage of having goths is the ability to use numerous figures (not just those marketed as goths) to give plenty of variety within units.