Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Artizan Design Carolingian Cavalry

    The following are 12 heavy cavalry figures from Artizan Design Carolingian range. These
were painted solely due to the fact they are nice figures and the Carolingian period can
be one of immense interest. Another feature of this period though true uniforms were not
in use (quite normal for the dark age period) some colors did predominate...both white and
blue tunics were quite popular and scarlet leggings were also very common. These figures
are not based and I'm posting these items for sale. 140 dollars for the 12 and includes
shipping cost.


  1. Hi, I visit your blog for the first time... Very nice painting !! I needed inspiration for a Carolingian army (in 1/72, my scale), yours ar perfect, if you allow me :)

  2. Thank you for comments on the painting....I have a bunch of carolingians I plan
    on painting up and will post...prefer to sell...if not...I will keep them....they make great opponents for the hordes of my bulgar/avar armies I have.

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