Thursday, August 3, 2017

Gripping Beast Mtd Irish Curaidh

   I had a chance to paint a few figures on behalf of another individual that included 3 Mtd Irish warlord/Curaidh and a dozen foundry Viking archers. Usually I can identify Gripping Beast
miniatures by their sculpting style but these miniatures were not so obvious to me. I have never
painted dark age Irish before so I was excited to have an opportunity to do a few. Personally, I
thought these miniatures took paint very well and I was impressed by how their was plenty
of detail on the horses to bring a life like appearance to them. I would wholly recommend this
line of miniatures to anyone who wanted to collect an Irish warband/army. I also included a few
pics of the Viking archers from foundry a nicely sculpted line of Vikings that I believe really needs
no introduction being around for quite some time now. The Irish miniatures are unarmed as the
owner will attach weapons and shields.

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