Sunday, May 8, 2016


 Some recent aventine romans  that i painted a while back finally based up minus the triarii. I prefer 2x2 basing which works out quite well with few exceptions. However, roman triarii are one of those exceptions. They covered the same frontage of the hastati and the principes  but with less depth. So it creates a slight basing anomaly which explains why no triarii pics. I will have to order a different base size which to my chagrin i do not have on hand from litko.  As for base size will opt for a 4x1 for the triarii. The legions are organized 16 figures each for the principes and hastati, 8 for the triarii and 12 for the velites. Typically the velites were organized along similiar size as the principes and hastati but for practical purposes i reduced their strength to 12 figures as I'm not a big fan of excessive representation of the initial skirmishing between the light infantry of opposing forces. I know many people like to use shield blazons for romans but i choose not to preferring a color scheme to represent each legion as the use of blazons may or may not had been used during the republican time period. As for colors i simply went with a off white tunic and a yellowish bright gold for the bronze. Feathers just a plain black but noting in retrospect white might have been a better choice to complement the use of white shields to identify this legion. For the white tunics i used reapers leather white paint darkened with a touch of P3 trollblood highlight (foundrys artic shade will also do) for a base color and from there kept adding white in stages. White is a difficult color to get the contrast just right without overdoing it and i feel the contrast on these was a little weak so the next
group i will darken the leather white slightly more. I wanted something different for the bronze and
again i will change it up also next time a less bright/shiny bronze to more of a flat non shiny goldish color. On these i went with P3 rhulic with some sepia ink mixed in for a base color. I then added reapers new gold in stages to brighten up from the recesses to a highlight. The results are acceptable but not quite what i personally wanted to achieve. The shields used vallejo white grey to contrast with a pure white on the middle raised spine.  As for the photos sun was shining in quite brightly this morning to my sun room (its a room with with more large windows than walls) and used the natural light from the sun as opposed to light bulbs for the pics.












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